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A modern, simple, fast & flexible micro framework for building HTTP REST/RPC APIs in Golang backed by OpenAPI 3 and JSON Schema. Pronounced IPA: /'hjuːmɑ/.


The goals of this project are to provide:

  • A modern REST or HTTP RPC API backend framework for Go developers
  • Incremental adoption for teams with existing services
    • Bring your own router, middleware, and logging/metrics
    • Extensible OpenAPI & JSON Schema layer to document existing routes
  • Guard rails to prevent common mistakes
  • Documentation that can't get out of date
  • High-quality generated developer tooling

Starting Points#

  • Why Huma

    What makes Huma different and why should you use it for your next project?

    Learn more
  • Tutorial in 5 Minutes

    Install huma and have a working API in about five minutes.

    Get started
  • How To Guides

    Learn how to solve specific real-world problems with Huma.

    Solve problems