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CLI AutoConfig#

Huma includes built-in support for an OpenAPI 3 extension that enables CLI auto-configuration. This allows tools like Restish to automatically configure themselves to talk to your API with the correct endpoints, authentication mechanism, etc without the user needing to know anything about your API.

o := api.OpenAPI()
o.Components.SecuritySchemes["my-scheme"] = &huma.SecurityScheme{
	Type: "oauth2",
	// ... security scheme definition ...
o.Extensions["x-cli-autoconfig"] = huma.AutoConfig{
	Security: "my-scheme",
	Params: map[string]string{
		"client_id": "abc123",
		"authorize_url": "https://example.tld/authorize",
		"token_url": "https://example.tld/token",
		"scopes": "read,write",

See the CLI AutoConfiguration documentation for more info, including how to ask the user for custom parameters.